Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Las Vegas Schooling Show

Brenda and I took Cookie down to Las Vegas for their schooling show this past weekend. We showed in the same classes as at the CCEC schooling show last weekend. I think we did very well, in heavy competition. Brenda earned a 66+% in Training level test 1, winning a very large class. She earned a 65% on Training level test 4, placing second, again in a very large class and with some much more mature horses as competition. I rode First level test 1, with the goal of riding her a bit more forward than at last weekend's show. Our early trot work was a little less bold than I would have liked, but this time I think the nerves were all mine. As I settled in and realized she was really going to need to be pushed this time, I rode more boldly, and all the work improved. We had a couple bobbles in the canter work, she was getting tired, but all in all turned in a nice performance. We earned a 64.6%, and second place, in a good-sized class against much older, more mature horses. I was happy with her trot lengthenings-they need more power, scope and steadiness but the quality is there, and I was also very happy with her straightness, something that is not always a given when riding a young horse, and her throughness is really starting to come along. This was an excellent dress rehearsal for the Fall Fling in November. We will only show her in two tests each day, now that she is getting the hang of this show thing and settling in faster. Brenda will ride Training level test 4 with an eye toward qualifying for the Regional Championships and the CDS Adult Amateur championships. I will ride First level test 1, with an eye toward preparing Cookie for the USEF and FEI 4 Yr Old tests by May. Dressage...selling hope!