• Stacy’s talents are a unique combination of a gentle understanding of the nature of horses coupled with a continued thirst for knowledge which she openly shares with her students as they develop a specialized and individual plan for each horse and rider. Stacy has taken me (former hunter/jumper competitor) to a new level in my dressage riding. Not only does she understand the biomechanics of the rider, she also knows the horse’s biomechanics and works patiently toward harmony between them. She is a consistent and persistent rider and trainer who teaches the classical dressage principles; always putting the horse first and taking the time it takes to teach each horse and rider. Stacy rides my calm, sensible TB/cross mare and adds impulsion; she rides my high-strung, sensitive TB mare and gives consistency, rhythm and balance. Her tool box is ready for any horse/rider combination. She has the ability to teach from the ground and the talent to ride any horse to see where the training holes are found. I have seen my horses transformed while she rides them and have then been able to apply the same techniques and see unbelievable results in my horse that I can maintain, with her coaching, and take to the show ring. Her love of horses shows itself in her understanding of what the horse needs, rather than demanding each horse to meet the same standards. Stacy is an inspiration as a rider and competitor and knowledgeable horsewoman. She is not just an excellent teacher, she is a constant learner, always expanding her own skills and knowledge. As a serious dressage competitor herself, Stacy understands my frustrations and rejoices in my accomplishments, no matter how large or small. Thank you Stacy for your time, patience, encouragement and persistent determination to make me a better rider and enjoy the partnership with my horses. ~Brenda Whiteley, Owner, Indigo Acres Sporthorses, St George, UT (Breeder of TB/Warmblood sporthorses, Adult amateur dressage competitor, Lawyer)
  • Stacy,
    I just want to thank you so much for all your help and encouragement for me. You are by far the best instructor I have ever had or seen. Your patience and kindness to all of the Golden Girls is outstanding. The best part of your teaching is that you really make us feel that we can do what you asked(no matter how long it took). I wish you the very best. ~Barbara Repta, St. George, UT, Owner of Bergdalen Marit, a 2001 Norwegian Fjord mare
  • Stacy, I want to thank you so very much for helping me with Dita and with my riding. You are a GREAT instructor…the best I've ever had. You’ve helped me gain an understanding of the how and why of basic dressage, of which I really had no clue about before (and I realize I’ve got a long way to go but I’m loving the journey). Dita feels like a different horse since I started lessons with you - That is so amazing to me. ~Tanya Larsen, Canmore, Alberta, Owner of Bandita, a 2004 Andalusian mare
  • My horse Jett is a sensitive horse and Stacy understands that about him. Jett will react dramatically if he is put under too much pressure or if he is uncomfortable. I am a middle aged rider who would like to avoid any more battles and bucks. Stacy is compassionate with both of us. She is patient but still demanding and we thrive in her lessons. Jett has become relaxed, softer and more confident. I enjoy our lessons because we are accomplishing and improving without battles. I highly recommend Stacy if you have a horse that is a bit challenging. Stacy eagerly rode Jett and felt for herself his sensitivity. Stacy has a great eye and a huge basket of resources to draw upon. We look forward to our lessons next summer! Hurry back Stacy! Laurie and Jett, Canmore , Alberta Canada
  • Stacy, First I want to thank you for opening doors for me, and all of us, to really learn and appreciate the roles of horse and rider: As teachers and students to always be learning and growing with each experience in the saddle...and on the ground. You have not only transformed my companions into amazing "ballerinas" and "athletes," but helped me realize the immense responsibility of doing the same to myself for their benefit. Watching them transform often brought me to tears. Your sensitive, intuitive approach was equally effective for Jazzy's need to be protected, and her insecurity, and Brendijs' fear of expressing himself and his big boy sensitivity. You truly opened my heart, and my horses hearts in a way I haven't known before. Losing our friends, teachers, and soul mates has pushed me into a place that I have always feared. You helped Jazz and me to appriciate the "gifts" that were given in the time we had together. I look forward to bringing Lux along with you there to guide us through. The past year has brought many tests of my character, as a woman, wife, mother, friend, and rider. With each challenge you have offered support for me and my Equine friends. You always build me up and push me forward. I need that! Jen (From Jennifer Campos, Washington, UT; owner of Brendijs, an 18 yr old Latvian Warmblood, and Fabulux, a 2010 NRPSxTB colt)
  • While my initial interest was not necessarily in Dressage, Stacy introduced the sport to Tanner and I and showed us how it can help us become better equestrian partners. Teaching me takes a special kind of instructor. Stacy is always very patient and has the ability to help a novice understand the science of dressage and the beauty of the working relationship it creates between rider and horse. While she is excellent at keeping you on task, it is always in a very positive way with lots of rider and horse affirmations. Also of importance is the fact she is very cognizant of rider safety and incorporates that into what she is teaching. For me, that is of utmost importance since it is my goal to continue my relationship with my horse for many more years. There are many things I admire about Stacy, including her desire to continue to learn and enhance her skills as a rider and instructor. While she has a wide breadth of knowledge, she strives to continue her education and that ultimately benefits her students as she passes much of this knowledge on to us. She has a true love of horses and puts their welfare on her list of priorities. I hold Stacy in very high esteem and not only value her as an instructor, trainer and mentor, but also for the friendship we have developed through the course of our relationship. ~Karen Martz, Utah State Probation Officer and innovator of the only Diversion Program for Low Risk Youth Offenders in the state. Karen owns Tanner, a 2001 Percheron/Paint gelding.
  • I have known Stacy for approximately 4.5 years. My horse was being boarded at Lava Bluffs, where Stacy maintains her horse and her training horses. As I was at this facility very frequently, I had a unique opportunity to observe her interact with her clients, and also watch her work the horses in training, and her own horse. I was very impressed from the start with her degree of professionalism, her time management skills, her teaching skills, her ability to listen, to be truthful, to follow through, and also her ability to adjust to problems that inevitably present themselves, and to thoughtfully deal with them. I am also impressed with the degree that she wants to continually improve her abilities, her certifications, and to make this an important goal in her life, considering the obstacle of a rather remote geographic location. Stacy is a very positive ambassador for the specialty of Dressage and is a credit to the Horse Industry, both personally and professionally. ~Mariellyn Berry, BSN, RN, ONC and owner of Skeeter, an AQHA gelding.
  • Stacy is an impressive individual in so many ways. Her professionalism and demeanor set her apart from the average instructor right away. Her honest and kind regard for the horse, any horse, is something you gravitate toward immediately. She puts their care, comfort and well-being first and foremost in everything she does. Her kindness and concern come through in her training methods too...Even though Stacy is thoughtful and reasoned, she is also very open-minded and is always looking to improve her understanding and knowledge too. As a rider, she sits so quietly and softly into the horse's back that she gives the picture of becoming one with them. Like all great riders, she seems to do this without thinking....Her riding is effective and helps the horses to become more confident while developing correctly in mind and body. She shows a clear understanding and use of the training pyramid. ~Jan and Gary Lawrence, Millbrook Farms, Fairfield, Utah