The Horses of SCWDressage

Frisco Bay, 2008 Westfalen Gelding by Fidertanz out of Charisma, owned by Dow & Stacy Williams

2015-CHAMPION: Region 5 GAIG/USDF Second Level Freestyle; Westfalen Horse Association Second Level Freestyle; and LVChapter-CDS Second Level Freestyle
2014-CHAMPION: California Dressage Society Horse of the Year First Level Freestyle
2014-CHAMPION Utah Dressage Society-Open Second Level and Open First Level Freestyle
2014-CHAMPION Westfalen Horse Association USDF All Breeds-First Level Freestyle
2014-DEMONSTRATION HORSE-Classical Dressage in the Modern Age Symposium with Guenter Seidel and Gary Rockwell
2013-CHAMPION Utah Dressage Society-Open First Level and Open Training Level
2012-CHAMPION-Las Vegas Chapter-California Dressage Society, Open Training Lvl
2012-DEMONSTRATION HORSE-Through the Levels Symposium, Debbie McDonald & Janet Foy
USDF Horse Performance Certificates: Training, First, and Second Levels


2013 15H Brown Friesian Sporthorse Gelding

Saezzar is a Morgan/Friesian cross gelding owned by Persis Zitting and bred by her brother, Wilford Hammon. Saezzar was brought to SCWDressage August 15th, 2015 as an unstarted Dressage prospect. I have developed this wonderful young horse from first day wearing tack, to scores as high as 71.818 at Training level. Currently the plan is for Saezzar to remain in full training at least through May 2017 in order to secure his training. Persis will be taking lessons on him beginning this fall and we hope to show him in the spring, Persis at Training level, and I in the USEF 4 Year Old test.
Here is video from Saezzar's very first show in July, 11 months of training:
First day wearing tack

Eleven months of training

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2008 Grey 16.1H KWPN MarePrestige VDL x Pilipa by Riverman Hilltop
FOR SALE$19,500
Dulce' is a lovely mare owned by Ashley Adams of Monterey, CA. She has been in full training with me since March and is listed for sale. Dulce' will be ready to show Second level in the 2017 show season. View her details on the For Sale page.


Cazador RHR
2008 Andalusian Gelding owned by Linda Thompson
Linda purchased Caz in March of 2015. He had several months of Dressage training, but was very green and had never been shown. Linda is developing this horse through the levels herself, under the guidance of SCWDressage. They have qualified for Regional Championships two years in a row, at Training level and again at First level. Linda and Caz are developing the Second level work this winter, as well as formulating their First level Freestyle. Caz is a very quick study and is already schooling the flying changes. Linda and I are very hopeful she will be able to attain her Bronze medal with Caz.
Silver Lining
2009 Grade gelding owned by Ashley Adams
Ashley purchased "Charlie" as a more suitable mount for a busy mom of two young girls, and little time for training a green horse. Charlie was trained by Kerri Coufal, groom for Allison Brock, and was schooling Third level under Kerri's guidance. He is a hard working, sensible horse who is highly trainable and very generous and uncomplicated. Ashley is able to relax, have fun, enjoy showing him, and he is great with her girls. Jaeli takes weekly lessons on Charlie. Ashley earned her First level scores this show season towards her Bronze medal. This winter, while undertaking a full college course load, she is managing to find time to also develop her partnership with Charlie for Second level, as well as her First level Freestyle. 
While Ashley and her family have moved to Monterey, CA, she still takes lessons via video conference. 


Tanner, 2001 Percheron/Paint Gelding of PMU breeding, owned by Karen Martz
2008 CCEC Open Training Level Champion
2010 CCEC Vintage Training Level Reserve Champion

Karen Martz and Tanner, 2010 CCEC Training Level Reserve Champion, Vintage Division

My first full training client! First, last, best.... :)


Kleine, 2002 Bay 15.2H Morgan/Friesian Mare owned by Barbara Derksen
Kleine is SOLD
Congratulations to Kara Pack of Cooper Ranch, Las Vegas
Schooling Grand Prix
Contact Stacy Williams at or Barbara Derksen at
All photos below credit Robert Schmidt

Beau Dazzler, 1995 Arabian Gelding owned by Sarah Glidden
2010 CCEC Vintage Intro Level Champion
2010 CCEC Open First Level Champion
2011 CCEC Open Second Level Champion
2012 CCEC Vintrage Intro Level Champion

Daz is SOLD

Congratulations to Jeanine Rush on the purchase of Beau Dazzler March 2015

Stacy and Beau Dazzler, CCEC Easter Dressage, 68.7 on Second Level Test 2

Stacy and Beau Dazzler

Stacy and Beau Dazzler
Sarah and Daz

Charisma, International
Sporthorse mare by Conquistador. The one who started it all. May 5, 1994-September 2, 2010.
2009 & 2010 LVC-CDS Open Second Level Champion
2010 USDF Horse Performance Certificate-Second Level
2010 USDF Bronze Medalist for achievements at First, Second and Third Levels
First and Second Level medals attained in Canada as well
Charisma by Conquistador, June 2009 C&M Show, Pocatello, ID

Poetic Justice, 2007 American Warmblood Mare by Paganini out of Ebony Baystar, owned by Brenda Whiteley
2007 Western States Champion, American Warmblood Registry
2010 CCEC Vintage Intro and Training Level Champion
2011 CCEC Vintage Training Level Champion
2011 CCEC Vintage First Level Reserve Champion
2011 USDF All-Breeds Open Training Level Champion American Warmblood
2011 LVC-CDS Amateur Training Level Reserve Champion
2011 LVC-CDS Open First Level Reserve Champion
2011 USDF Training Level Horse Performance Certificate
2011 Qualified & Participated USDF Regional Championships
2011 Qualified & Participated CDS Adult Amateur Championships
2012 CCEC Vintage First Level Champion

Congratulations to Brenda and Terry Eddings on their move to Oregon, Brenda's childhood home. Brenda and Cookie are sorely missed and will always be part of SCWDressage in spirit.

Brenda Whiteley and Poetic Justice, 2010 CCEC Intro AND Training Level Champions, Vintage Division