Training Programs, Facility, Awards and Education

SCWDresssage operates out of Lava Bluffs Equestrian Center in sunny St. George, Utah.
Contact Stacy Williams at or 435-773-7709 for training.
Contact Ryon Gardner directly for boarding information. Lava Bluffs is the most complete equine facility in the southwest Utah area. It offers many options for boarding and training horses and riders, is one of the few facilities that has direct access to trail riding, and Lava Bluffs is the ONLY facility to offer onsite veterinary care . Lava Bluffs is home to Justin Gardner, DVM, MBA. Dr. Gardner specializes in Equine Sports Medicine and Lameness.
View his website here:
SCWDressage takes a holistic approach to your equine's welfare, scheduling regular spring and fall veterinary care with necessary vaccines, teeth floating and deworming with Washington Family Vet; as well as regular visits from Alissa Grover, DC, CAC and Anita DeLelles, LMT SCWDressage additionally retains the regular services of JB Rex, a natural hoofcare specialist: 435-229-1891. Horses who require shoeing can be accommodated as well, with regular visits from a variety of quality farriers in our area.
SCWDressage offers the only United States Dressage Federation Certified trainer currently in Southern Utah.
Lava Bluffs offers, in addition to the above, a wide cross section of boarders, from avid members of Southern Utah's Back Country Horsemen, to champions in Reining, Working Cow, Team Roping, Team Sorting, Barrel Racing, Dressage, and Jumpers. You will be certain to find a friend among our eclectic and down to earth group.

Individual Training Rides on your horse:
$45+$5 tack up fee

TRAINING PROGRAMS, PAID IN ADVANCE(Rates effective January 1, 2017):
Full training
: *
$600. Averages 20 rides per month and is a savings of $400(40%) off the per ride rate.
Part training:*
-$520. Averages 16 rides per month, 4 per week, and is a savings of $280(35%) off the per ride rate
-$420. Averages 12 rides per month, 3 per week, and is a savings of $150(25%) off the per ride rate

Individual Lessons on your horse, at Lava Bluffs: **
$45/45 minutes
$35/30 minutes

Lesson Packages:
-(12) Lessons per month: $420-this is a discount of $120 off the per lesson rate
-(8) Lessons per month: $300-this is a discount of $60 off the per lesson rate
-(4) Lessons per month: $150-this is a discount of $30 off the per lesson rate
-(8) 30 minute Lessons per month: $240-this is a discount of $40 off the per lesson rate
-(4) 30 minute Lessons per month: $120-this is a discount of $20 off the per lesson rate

Long term clients(three or more consecutive months) will receive a ten percent discount on full and part training rates and lesson packages.
Training and lesson packages are payable in advance. Lessons or rides missed due to weather, illness, injury, or family emergency may be made up within the following 60 days.

Groom Service:

Groom service is $10 per riding day, for a total of $200 per month for five day a week training or $160 per month for four day a week training. Discounts are not available on Groom services. Groom service includes daily grooming, tack up, untack, tack wipe down after each ride and regular full cleaning/conditioning, regular bathing, blanketing and unblanketing, fly mask management, basic face trimming, mane and tail maintenance, cleaning of saddle pad and leg protection, scheduling and holding for farrier and vet, scrubbing water troughs, breaking ice in winter, cleaning stalls on Sundays or staff away days, and other day to day management details of the horse too numerous to mention. Groom services may be provided by a qualified adult student under my supervision.
*An "Absentee Owner" is defined as an owner who is unable to come to the barn at minimum on a weekly basis in order to see to the vast array of many horse ownership small details such as those services listed, but not limited to, the above.
Owner Away Rates:
From time to time when owners are away, trainer may be available for additional rides on horses whose owners are currently in regular training through Lesson packages. This availability will be on a first come, first serve basis. Trainer will ride a maximum of five horses per day, however weather and length of day during certain times of the year may limit this number further. Rate is $45+$10 groom fee. If five or more days are required, a ten percent discount of the ride fees will be deducted from the total due. Groom fees are not discountable. Horse will be provided all services as though in a full training plus groom package for the duration of the away dates.

Individual Groom Services
Clipping: Full body is $200. Blanket is $130. Show clipping-bridle path, whiskers, fetlocks, jaw, ears, tail-$50. 

Show braiding: $35
Bathing: $35. 
Clean Snaffle bridle: $10
Clean Double bridle: $15
Clean and condition saddle: $15
Clean girth: $5
Blanketing/Fly mask: $5/day
Turn out: $5/day
Hand walking: $15 per 20 minutes
Holds for vet or farrier: $15 per 20 minutes
Wash saddle pad: $10
Wash leg protection: $10
Wash blanket: $20
These services may be provided by a qualified adult student under my supervision.


$600 per day, 8 riders max, plus travel expenses.
Schooling Show Judging:
$250, plus travel expenses

Horse Buying Trips: $400/day(travel days count as a day) plus all travel expenses. Max 5 horses evaluated per day; max 9 hours per day.
Sale Horse Evaluation(/Current Client Buying Horse): $60 per horse. Video review and interviewing owner/trainer: $45/hr. billed in 20 minute intervals. 
Sale Horses(Client Selling Horse): Any sale horse represented by SCWDressage MUST be in full training and located at Lava Bluffs, with all costs of training, groom services and board born by seller until the horse is sold. In addition, SCWDressage provides full sales service, including grooming, regularly updated video, preparation and posting of advertising, fielding all interested(and not so interested) prospective buyers, arranging buyer visits and vetting, and more. Because of the full service nature of this process, commissions are charged, on a sliding scale. Horses priced under $10,000 will have a commission charged of 20%; $10,000-$20,000 is charged at 15%; and over $20,000 is charged at 10%.
Sale Horse Riding:
On a case by case basis, I can be available to ride a horse that is not currently in my training program, for the preparation of a sale video. $150 per horse, per ride. Horse must be clean and groomed. If you need groom services, please let me know and I can arrange it. I may choose to provide my own tack and leg wraps, and I may request a familiarization ride prior to the sale video ride, billed at my normal rate of $45. If you need videographer services and sale video prep, please let me know and I can arrange it for additional fees.

*Boarding at Lava Bluffs Equestrian Center, at The Ledges exit of Hwy 18 in St. George. Contact Ryon Gardner directly for details at 435-668-2046.
-Two month minimum on full and part training, unless I am familiar with the horse’s previous training or previously trained the horse myself. 

-Green and unstarted horses require a six month minimum at no discount and must be in full training. Long term discounts and part training options may be available after six months at the discretion of the trainer.
-The owner is to bear all vet, farrier, feed, supplement, and miscellaneous expenses.
-Late arrival to lesson without two hour notice means time docked from lesson, full rates still apply. Four hour notice required to cancel. Due to the constraints of scheduling and the additional time involved in preparing a horse to ride, I may or may not be able to ride the horse for you if you cancel. Please try to be courteous with regard to the schedule when deciding whether to cancel.

**Haul-in allowed to Lava Bluffs Equestrian Center, at no charge. 

***I will travel within Washington County for a minimum of two lessons, for an added fee of $10 per lesson(total lesson fee $55). I will travel to Iron County for a minimum of three lessons and an additional $10 per lesson(total lesson fee $55). Any arena fee required at your location is your responsibility. If three or more lessons can be scheduled in a single day at a single farm(four if Iron County), there will be no additional charges for travel. 

~Lesson horses may be available from time to time. Specific arrangements will be made on a case by case basis.
~Lessons are always private.
~Auditing is allowed at no charge, with permission of the rider who is paying for the lesson.



Service:-Secretary, Bow Valley Riding Association, 2004, 2005

-Secretary, Alberta Dressage Association, 2005, 2006
-Membership Coordinator, Calgary Area Alberta Dressage Association, 2005, 2006
-Awards Tabulator, Utah Dressage Society, 2008, 2009, 2010
-Dressage Schooling Show Organizer, Color Country Equestrian Club, 2010-2013

-USDF Certified Instructor, Training-First Level
-Graduate, USDF "L" Program
-Scribe: Janet Curtis, Melissa Creswick, Louise Koch, and Elizabeth McMullen(CDI***)-2010
-Through the Levels Symposium Demonstration Rider at Training Level with Frisco Bay-2012
-Classical Dressage in the Modern Age Symposium Demonstration Team at Second Level with Frisco Bay, hosted by Millbrook Farms and presented by Guenter Seidel and Gary Rockwell-2014

-USDF Bronze Freestyle Bar-First, Second and Third Level Freestyle, 2016
-USDF Silver Medal for Achievement at Fourth Level and Prix St. Georges, 2015
-GAIG/USDF Region 5 Second Level Freestyle Champion, 2015
-Dressage Canada Bronze Medal, First Level, 2004
-Dressage Canada Silver Medal, Second Level, 2005
-Open recipient, 2009 Utah Dressage Society Training Scholarship
-USDF Rider Performance Award at every Level available: Training-2009; First-2011; Second-2010
-LVC-CDS Open Second Level Reserve Champion, 2009 & 2010-Charisma
-USDF Bronze Medal for Achievement at First, Second and Third Level, 2010
-USDF Horse Performance Certificate, Second Level, Charisma, 2010
-USDF All-Breeds National ranking, Charisma, ISR/Old NA, Open Second Level, 2010
-CCEC Open Training Level Champion with Anvil's Rethel owned by Pedersen Fjords, 2010
-CCEC Open Training Level Reserve Champion with Bergdalen Marit owned by Barbara Repta, 2010
-CCEC Open First Level Champion with Beau Dazzler owned by Sarah Glidden, 2010
-LVC-CDS Open First Level Reserve Champion with Poetic Justice owned by Brenda Whiteley, 2011
-CCEC Open Intro Level Champion with Frisco Bay, 2011
-CCEC Open Second Level Champion with Beau Dazzler owned by Sarah Glidden, 2011
-Open High Point Awards at Recognized Competition: 2010-Las Vegas Winter Fling-Charisma; 2011-Las Vegas Spring Fling I-Poetic Justice; 2012-Las Vegas Winter Fling-Frisco Bay; 2013-Millbrook Farms July Show-Frisco Bay; 2014-Las Vegas Spring Fling III-Frisco Bay
-LVC-CDS 2012 Open Training Level Champion-Frisco Bay
-LVC-CDS 2012 Open Fourth Level Reserve Champion-Brendijs
-CCEC Open First Level Champion-Frisco Bay
-USDF Horse Performance Certificate-Training Level-Frisco Bay
-USDF All Breeds Reserve Champion-Westfalen Horse Association-Training Level-Frisco Bay-2012 and 2013
-USDF All Breeds #6 Westfalen Horse Association-First Level-Frisco Bay-2013
-USDF Horse Performance Certficate-First Level-Frisco Bay-2013
-UDS 2013 Open Training Level and Open First Level Champion-Frisco Bay
-UDS 2014 Open Second Level Champion-Frisco Bay
-UDS 2014 Open First/Second Level Freestyle Champion-Frisco Bay
-CDS HOY 2014 First Level Freestyle Champion-Frisco Bay
-USDF All Breeds Westfalen Horse Association First Level Freestyle Champion-Frisco Bay-2014
-USDF All Breeds Westfalen Horse Association Second Level Freestyle Champion-Frisco Bay-2015

Client Awards:
-Brenda Whiteley and Poetic Justice in 2011:
  *American Warmblood Registry/USDF All-Breeds Number 1, Training Level
  *LVC-CDS Training Level Amateur Reserve Champions
  *Qualified and Participated, USDF Regional Championships, Training Level
  *Qualified and Participated, CDS Regional Adult Amateur Championships, Training Level
  *CCEC Training Level Vintage Champion and First Level Vintage Reserve Champion
  *Vintage High Point Awards-Las Vegas Winter Fling 2011; Las Vegas Spring Fling I 2011
-Rick Crockett and L Gitanna M in 2015:
 *High Point Intro Rider, January Cooper Ranch Schooling Show

Trainers & Clinicians
-Barbara Beans Slade, 1998 (H/J)
-John Taylor, 1999 (H/J)
-Christiane Noelting, 2000-2001
-Steve Kinnikeberg, 2001
-Tom Dvorak, 2002-2006
-Sheri Dumonceaux, 2003-2006
-Gail Alterwitz, 2007-2008
-Shelley Malbeuf, 2006-2007, 2009
-Axel Steiner, 2007
-Will Faerber, 2008
-Charlotte Nord-Nielson-2009, 2010
-Irene Hill, 2009, 2010
-Crystal Kroetch-2010
-Stephanie Brown-Beamer-2011
-Trisha Kerwin-2011
-Kamila DuPont-2012
-Alfredo Hernandez-2012, 2013
-Kathleen Raine-2014