Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Las Vegas Dressage Spring Fling III

Charisma and I had a really successful show. She remained comfortable and happy throughout the weekend, the most important thing right now. I can't believe she lived, never mind, is back in the show ring. But the icing on the cake was the score we earned on Saturday to complete her requirements for the USDF Horse Performance Certificate for Second Level. I guess I can officially call her a Second Level Schoolmaster. And Sunday, we earned a 60.5% on Third level test 1. We now only require one more score for my USDF Bronze Medal. Patience and perserverance, not to mention, lots of luck along the way.
Brenda showed her 3 year old filly Poetic Justice, by Paganini, in the Training level Opportunity class. Cookie as she is better known behaved herself like a seasoned show horse. She's never seen mirrors or a judge's booth but after a couple of looks, went about her business like a pro. They came away with really strong scores for a first show-64+% and 62+%. As she gets stronger and steadier in the connection, and is better able to show off her gaits, these scores will only go up. I look forward to their future with great hope.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


During my recent trials and tribulations with helping Charisma regain her health, as well as, in dealing with age related setbacks with my nearly 14 year old Sheltie, BJ, I have "discovered" Dynamite products. My friend, Jennifer Smith, has long been a distributor, and recommended the products, first for BJ, and later, for Charisma. Count me sold. So much so that I am now a distributor myself. If you would like to learn more about the products, please check out this link.
Dynamite's products are natural and pesticide free. They are manufactured in a facility that contains zero cross-contamination with other livestock feeds. Certain additives to cattle feed can be deadly to horses, even in microscopic amounts. I highly recommend Free and Easy for your horse, dog, or even yourself. The aloe vera in this product is also wonderful for your horse's gutt, aloe being an excellent natural way to prevent ulcers. I also highly recommend Dynamite for horses, as a high end multivitamin and mineral product. A little goes a long way. And say good bye to pelleted horse feed products with contents you cannot pronounce. Pelleted Grain Ration is a very clean, natural pelleted horse ration that is easily digestible, and again, a little goes a long way.
I am thrilled to be a part of the team. Orders can be placed directly on my website link above.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Thank You Stephanie & Marlo!

We had a great time at the CCEC Dressage at Lava Bluffs yesterday! I'd like to thank our judges, Stephanie Brown-Beamer, and Marlo Vivenzio, for making the trip down from Salt Lake and Heber City. I am grateful to Color Country Equestrian Club for continuing to support Dressage in our community, as interest does continue to grow. We are a small group, but, dedicated. Special thanks to Ryon and Holly Gardner for being such wonderful hosts and letting us take over Lava Bluffs for the day. I am really proud of everyone...Karen earned her best score yet as she continues to improve and become a partner with Tanner. Sarah made her show ring debut, and did an outstanding job. You've never seen anyone so lazer-focused! Brenda debuted her lovely three year old American Warmblood filly, Poetic Justice, by Paganini, to rave reviews from the judges, earning the Vintage High Point award and the third highest score of the day. I'm very proud of my horses...Charisma was really showing off her gaits in our Third Level ride, earning 65.384%. Maret, better known around the barn as Petunia, proved herself to be a real show horse. This was her first show, and she came within less than a percentage point(66.785%) of earning me the Open High Point, edged out slightly by the very talented Arlene Cunningham and her amazing mustang, Boots. I also rode Beau Dazzler, a 14 year old Arab gelding. This was his first dressage show, and he had not set foot in a show ring in some 9 years. He did me very proud, earning extremely solid scores of 64.5% and 65.135% on First level tests 1 & 2. Of course our favorite Cowboy, Ryon Gardner, had to keep all us Dressage Diva's humble by earning the highest score of the show, with a 68.477%. I must say, the Cowboy Dressage riders were very lovely to watch, the Dixons' and Ryon all doing a stellar job in unfamiliar territory. I thoroughly enjoyed my first foray into the world horse show management, and slept like a dead woman last night!