Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Fun

We got together for a little Christmas party organized by Brenda. The original plan was to go for a trail ride together and then over to Brenda's for a gift steal party. But it rained, and rained some more! We had rain fall approaching record levels in December, but that didn't stop us from having some fun. Since we couldn't really ride, we decided to take silly pictures of the horses instead. Jenny, Barb and Linda weren't able to make it, but Arnie, Barb's husband, was a good sport and filled in for a picture! Later we went over to Brenda's and had a really nice party. Everyone decided they liked the gifts they brought the best so we each chose our own! The girls all pitched in and bought us a Simultalk 24G no more shouting into the wind, and no more pretending they can't hear me ;) It's been really helpful, the girls love that I can talk to them more quietly and that I can get more information to them, in time enough for it to actually make a difference!

The girls had a successful year at the Color Country Equestrian Club Dressage schooling show series. I am proud of their hard work, and we are already planning for next year. Check out the Photos tab for some show pictures of the girls.