Thursday, October 21, 2010

CCEC October Schooling Show at Lava Bluffs, and CCEC Year End Results

Thanks to all the hard work everyone put in, our last show of the season went off without a hitch. It was a small entry but that made for lovely gifts for every single rider, and very nice championship prizes. Each rider was given a gift bag from GEMTack , containing samples of Effol leather care products, clear braiding elastics, and BeetTreats from Emerald Valley, along with a set of polo wraps embroidered with the logo of Lava Bluffs Equestrian Center All this just for showing up! Champions received a 50 lb. bag of Omega Grand Complete from OmegaFields or a set of three pairs of pearl earrings from Morgan Jewelers Champions of the show were: Intro Level-Sarah Glidden and Beau Dazzler with a score of 67.5; Training Level-Brenda Whitely and Poetic Justice with a score of 70.87; First Level-Linda Thompson and Master with a score of 66.579; and Second Level-Linda Thompson and Master with a score of 63.784. Show High Point was Brenda Whitely and Poetic Justice with a score of 70.87, and Reserve High Point was Stacy Williams and Bergdalen Marit with a score of 68.696. Many thanks to our judge, Trisha Kerwin, our scribe, Beth Hart, the Gardner family for all the hard work getting everything ship-shape, Cindy and Mary Ellen for video-taping the rides, and Jenny Campos for running the show-day operation for me so I could concentrate on the horses and riders. Thanks to Linda for helping Jenny with the scoring, and for managing the year end tabulations. Thanks to all my girls for all your help, to me, as well as to each other. We have a very cohesive, supportive group and I am both prideful of, and humbled , by this.
As we close out the show season, the results are in for the year end awards with Color Country Equestrian Club in the Dressage category.
Intro Level Champion: Brenda Whitely and Poetic Justice
Intro Level Reserve Champion: Sarah Glidden and Beau Dazzler
Training Level Champion-Vintage: Brenda Whitely and Poetic Justice
Training Level Reserve Champion-Vintage: Karen Martz and Tanner
Training Level Champion-Open: Stacy Williams and Anvil's Rethel
Training Level Reserve Champion-Open: Stacy Williams and Bergdalen Marit
Training Level Champion-Cowboy: Karen Dixon and Easy Hollywood Buck
First Level Champion-Amateur: Jenny Campos and Brendijs
First Level Reserve Champion-Amateur: Linda Thompson and Master
First Level Champion-Open: Stacy Williams and Beau Dazzler
Second Level Champion: Linda Thompson and Master

Congratulations to all! Linda, Brenda and I will head into the beginning of the 2011 USDF show season now. Linda's goal is to show Second level at the recognized shows. Brenda and I will start Cookie's official show career, Brenda with an eye toward qualifying for the Regional and CDS Adult Amateur Championships at Training level. I will ride Cookie at First level, to test the waters to see if we can begin the spring of 2011 campaigning Cookie in the USEF 4 Yr Old Young Horse test. It is a big challenge, one I don't take lightly. I am very excited for this talented young mare's future.