Monday, September 15, 2014

Welcome Ashley and Jaeli!!

I would like to welcome Ashley Adams and her daugher, Jaeli, to the SCWDressage gang! Ashley has ridden horses most of her life, and has competed with great success in the Hunters and Medals ring. She is new to the St. George area, and has been on the hunt for both a horse, a home barn, and a trainer. I am so honored and pleased that she has chosen Beau Dazzler, Lava Bluffs Equestrian Center, and me to fill those roles for her right now!! Ashley is a very studious person, with a natural gift and excellent horsemanship skills. Her daughter Jaeli is an absolute joy to be around, keeping me constantly entertained with her insightful comments and stories. Ashley and Jaeli are leasing Daz long term. He fits their needs perfectly, with enough training and energy to teach Ashley a little more about Dressage, and perfect lunge line manners for helping develop a budding seven year old's seat and position. After only six weeks of weekly lessons, Jaeli can already canter, maintain a two point position, post on the correct diagonal, and is even learning to ride at walk and trot off the lunge line. Daz seems to understand completely his role, and stays right under Jaeli at all times, making one hundred percent sure Jaeli really does want him to trot! It takes a special horse to be able to fill both a true baby sitter horse for a child, and yet is also able to help Ashley learn how to really "work" flying changes and develop collection. The four of us are fully enjoying each other's company right now!

Daz and Jaeli