Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Dressage Foundation

I just received word that I have been selected to receive a grant for Continuing Education for Dressage Instructors through The Dressage Foundation. I am beyond honored and excited to hear this news. This grant was founded by Maryal Barnett, an amazing woman who has done so much to promote the sport of Dressage and support up and coming professionals. I had the pleasure of meeting her while going through the L Program and I found her to be so uplifting to all of us. She wanted us all to succeed. She pushed us, but in such a way that we really felt she was on our team. I remember being so inspired by her, and am beyond thrilled to now be chosen to receive a grant from a fund she established. Ms. Barnett is moving mountains to help professionals in this industry develop their skills and I am grateful to her for that.
Here is a link to the website for The Dressage Foundation. Please consider supporting their efforts!
Dressage is not a popular sport for sponsorship money, and it is an incredibly expensive sport, for amateurs and professionals alike. Without the support of entities like The Dressage Foundation, we would all be less able to reach our goals.
Thank you again to The Dressage Foundation for this most amazing honor-I will work very hard to make the Board proud. It is my hope, dream & goal to be the first USDF Certified Instructor/Trainer in the state of Utah. With this generous and timely grant, I am that much closer to my dream.
Many thanks to those who wrote incredible letters of recommendation: Jan & Gary Lawrence, Karen Martz, and Mariellyn Berry; as well as to all of you who have inspired me to be a better person, rider, instructor and trainer, from my clients, to my friends(and my clients always seem to become my friends!), to my family, to the horses, and of course my soul mate: Dow. I love you all. And lest I forget, the two horses I really owe it all to, Charisma and Frisco Bay...the Universe knew what it was doing when it placed the two of you in my path.