Friday, July 23, 2010

Utah Summer Games 2010

I am a month late in posting about the Summer Games, but I suppose better late than never! I can't begin to put into words how proud I am of my gals. Each of them worked very hard in the months preceding the show, to set personal goals, and make a plan to achieve those goals.
The weather was great, the organization was great, and the judge, Marlo Vivenzio(a current L Program Participant), put everyone at ease, even those with horses who were a little nervous.
I don't have all the pictures in yet, but I will post a few that I do have to the pictures page.
Karen has made the full switchover from western to dressage, having just bought a dressage saddle, half chaps and paddock boots, and breeches, in May. It's a big change to have to re-learn the seat, position, and aids, when the saddle changes so drastically. But it has been a great transformation, she and Tanner look fantastic together. Karen improved her score, and had to demonstrate her horsemanship and tact, because Tanner was not his usual go along, get along self this day. Even with her making the wise and quick decision to trot through the entire left canter portion of her test, she still managed a very respectable 58.6 on Training Test 2. That is amazing considering this choice meant she had three 0s to over come. But Tanner's "8" gaits came through, and he remained much more reliably on the bit for her than he ever has before. Believe me, I know, this is not an easy horse to keep going forward onto the bit, there is just a lot of real estate to get packaged!
Brenda rode Cookie(Poetic Justice is her real name) in her third show. Cookie is just three, but has a super work ethic and beautiful conformation and gaits. Brenda earned a 69% on Intro B, and a 71.3% on Training Test 1.
Sarah rode in only her second show ever, but looked like she'd been doing it all her life. She waltzed into the ring with a mere 10 minutes warmup and knocked out a 66% on Intro B with her amazing Arabian, Daz(Beau Dazzler).
Jenny and Brendijs improved their scores in First level drastically from the May show, with a 71.3% on First level test 1, and a 70.6% on First level test 2. The difference from May 1 to June 25 in Brendijs' balance and gaits was remarkable. Jenny worked very hard with me to bring out the best in this talented horse.
Linda capitalized on Master's high level of obedience and rode two extremely accurate tests, earning a 69.210% on First level Test 4, and a 67.020% on Second level Test 2. Linda and Jenny are of course always the most impeccably turned out riders at any show.
I was also very happy with the horses I rode. Marit, at just her second show, first away from home, made me very proud, bettering her scores from the May 1 show by about 1% each, on both Training level Tests 1 and 2, earning a 65 and a 68 respectively. She was the first horse in the ring at 7am, and understandably tense, so, all in all, I am really happy that she remembered her training and behaved very well for me. I rode a second Norwegian Fjord, named Rethel, that is owned by Lisa Pedersen, in the show. I had one ride on him the day before the show, but this horse has "been there, done that", and had no trouble adjusting to what I asked of him. He is an extremely rideable and talented horse. I have become a fan of Fjords, I must admit, they are a lot of horse in a small package. They have the ability to move like a warmblood, and always turn heads. I love this breed, but they do require a rider with some core strength. Rethel turned in fantastic scores, and in fact we were Open High Point together, with a 71.1% and a 71.3% on Training level Tests 1 & 2. I also rode Sarah's horse, Daz, in First level Test 4. He is such a SHOW HORSE, loves to show off and was really "up" for me. What a fun horse to ride. We earned a 69.211%. A horse like this, who can go gangbusters for me, as up and electric as I want him, and then turn around an hour later and quietly carry his very green owner around through a walk/trot test, is a rare horse indeed. He is a dream horse for Sarah.
The girls worked hard, and so did their ponies. We had a great time, enjoying each other's company, and that's the most important thing. I think we represented our home barn, Lava Bluffs Equestrian Center, very well indeed.