Monday, November 9, 2009

September 26th, 2009, a day I'll never forget.

This was the day that all my plans for the next few show seasons to come evaporated in an instant. It was on this day that Charisma, my stalwart mare, showed that even she could be frail. She suffered a full torsion colic, and surgery was required. I've written several "docu-dramas" about the events. Most anyone who knows me has already read two of them. Most anyone who knows me also knows that today, six weeks and one day post surgery, Charisma is doing very well. I am incredibly lucky to still have her, lucky for all the blessings she has brought to my life. I am so very sad at the prospect I might never set foot in a show ring with her again. I have not missed a show season in 11 years with this horse, the horse that never gets sick, never comes up lame, always the picture of health and strength. Not even while pregnant, or nursing a foal, did I have to give up a show season on this horse. But all the ribbons, achievements, and scores are meaningless now. They are just little feathers in my cap of vanity, I realize that. Charisma is much thinner now, her coat no longer sleak, her muscles no longer rippling, no longer the epitome of elegant power. BUT, she is gradually regaining strength, regaining weight, and regaining herself. We have always had a good bond, but now, we are very close. As much as I adore her son, there will never be another horse that holds a candle to this mighty mare they named Charisma. She has touched many lives, impressed many people, even vets and technicians who work with animals every single day were amazed her grace and intelligence. This beautiful photo was taken by Wendy Wyatt, who not only is a very talented photographer, but also the technician responsible for monitoring Charisma's vital signs and anesthesia during her colic surgery. Here is a link to Wendy's website: