Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Third Level (RE)Debut

Charisma and I made our (re)debut at Third Level at the Cooper Ranch Schooling show on May 2nd, 2009. We'd entered the recognized show at another farm the same weekend, but, that show was cancelled, so, I decided to make it a training weekend and get some deeper instruction with Charlotte Nielson. I am thrilled to death with our comeback. Charisma last showed Third level in November of 2007, while 6plus months pregnant. It was not our best effort. But, that's what you do when you only have one horse(and are apparently more stubborn than average)! Charisma has come a long way, and so have I. We earned a 61.794. Charisma was extremely obedient and focused, and apart from losing the canter(and collection) at one point, she proved to be very much ready for the demands. Here's a link to the video of that ride:
Charlotte helped us with our collected canter, flying changes, and keeping the impulsion in our trot half passes. The three days of schooling with her were incredibly helpful. I have my homework until next time.