Friday, April 3, 2009

January 2009

Charisma and I attended the Las Vegas Winter Fling I, hosted by Cooper Ranch, on January 17th & 18th. We rode First Level Tests 3 & 4, and, Second Level Tests 3 & 4. While we'd competed up to Third level before her foal, at this point, I am more concerned about bringing her back to full strength carefully, and more correctly. I am no longer riding just for myself, I now ride for my clients as well. It is important that we are successful, and that includes not overfacing my horse with too many expectations before she is ready.

The judge was Barbi Breen-Gurley this weekend. We earned slightly better scores all around, over our last show. With the 62. 105% on First Level Test 4, we've now earned all the scores we need at First Level towards my USDF Bronze Rider medal. Though I've earned these scores for First AND Second Level twice over in Canada while a USDF member, because the shows were not USDF recognized, those scores cannot count. We have earned our Dressage Canada Bronze Medal at First Level, and, Silver Medal at Second Level. I just want to take this time, while bringing her back from her foal, to earn the scores we need in the US at First and Second Level, before we move on to Third Level. Hopefully, this patient approach will set us up for success down the road.